About Us

Swisspharme Inc. is a contract developer and manufacturer of skin care, body care, cosmetics and health products.  We create customized solutions and services for prestigious brands and industry leaders who distribute through major retail, direct and online channels. Our team helps to create; design and implement customized manufacturing solutions that offers our clients with a turnkey package.

  • Manufacturing and development; our production capabilities allow us to offer turnkey solutions and services.  Everything from formulation, batching, filling, assembly, packoff and shipping to Canada and internationally. We have the ability to provide a quick turnaround of high quality products at competitive prices.  Warehousing is available 

  • Research and Development; with over 30 years of experience, our research and development team can provide our clients with efficacious and innovative formulations. Our chemists are constantly researching and developing new innovative raw materials and ingredients to improve products.  The product development teams of industry experts have extensive product knowledge and contacts to source the latest and most innovative packaging to help create distinctive products for you in the marketplace.   We are focused on quality, value and quick turnover, to ensure a seamless and fast process in the development and manufacturing of products.   

  • Packaging and labeling; an experienced team of product managers will source quality and innovative components and packaging for your products. By focusing on both value and unique concepts, we can develop both the primary and secondary packaging to match the brands identity and visibility to the customer.  We can source and design all materials and components to formulate, manufacture and package your product.

  • Creative and graphic design; our talented art and graphic designers will collaborate with our clients to ensure the labels, packaging and designs effectively to stand out to the customer.  They have many years of experience with health and beauty labeling, art and packaging and can ensure a seamless process in meeting packaging and labeling expectations as well.

  • Quality Assurance and Control; our in house team of lab technicians are highly trained in quality control and assurance processes.  The team tests the integrity and purity of every ingredient, as well as product stability, component compatibility and functionality.  

  • Products;  we have the expertise and flexibility to facilitate the development of a very diverse group of products from categories such as health and beauty products, baby, pet, household, and pharmaceutical items.